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Greetings Fellow Spindlers!

I hope everyone enjoyed a warm fall; here, we are trying to eke out every last day Nature will gift us … I love to be outdoors.

I want to announce a SpindleTalk page, located under the top Navigation (the side bar updates blog posts, but not web-pages … and I’ve yet to find a solution)

Jason Riley, of Riley Wood and Fiber Art, was kind enough to grant me an interview; I’ve done my best to describe my experience when I ordered a spindle from him some time ago, as well as his work. For those that don’t know me quite well, “customer service” or just respect and kindness goes an awful long way with me.

For those who need or want a custom spindle, be it changing the length or width, or aiming for a target weight — whatever it be, if it’s possible, my bets on Mr. Riley! :)

And, if it’s not, in the short time (maybe 6 or so months since I stumbled into his shop) I’ve known him…I can say, with a degree of certainty, he will be honest; and, depending on your request, perhaps offer alternatives.

Please take time to read his “SpindleTalk” page and be sure to check the photos at the bottom or click on the links that will open up his Etsy shop in a new browser page!


Coming soon…

A few “new stuff” blogs:

  • new items conceived by makers that never cease to amaze me with his/her new ideas whether it be an amazing new spindle design, ergonomic tools that make fiber arts more accessible and enjoyable for those with and without limitations
  • new makers on the scene. Perhaps not all that “new,” but his/her work is now recognized on a growing if not larger scale!
  • If time (though I suspect I might need to put off until at least next month) some items and wood that have been floating around, yet always seem new to me each time I see a slight variation in design…or a new wood! The type of “new stuff” that makes you fall in love with a wood you thought you hated; or a spindle type that makes similar styles feel foreign; perhaps experiencing pure JOY from a go-to spindle, spinning for meditation or love versus production; or perhaps finding the perfect spinning surface (as I did, w/my friend Julie’s small spinning bowls she sells regularly in her Etsy shop — Willow Tree Pottery).
  • Maybe you have a “new stuff” experience, item, tool, spindle maker….oy! Anything you think fellow readers or one-time visitors can benefit from. Please contact me and, as long as it relates to fiber arts and it’s not an advert or plug…. I’ll include it (giving you credit, of course) in a “new stuff” blog. Can collect different responses OR just give you a post of your own (my approval of content). Perhaps, you just want to comment — comments are allowed, once approved…but ONLY in reference to the blog part of the website.
  • ~~~~
    From “new stuff” to “cool stuff!” :)

    A cool surprise from my father came when he offered to take me to Rhinebeck! Didn’t look like things were going to come together…then, everything fell in place!

    I was so proud to introduce my father to people I met last year including: Kevin & Beth Hansen, Steph from loop, Kimber Baldwin from Fiber Optics ; and some new friends: Janet from the Wheel-Thing and Michael & Sheila Ernst (fiber arts tools & fountain pens made of glass!!!! Cool people and creative tools on a nice autumn day…

    I intend to write about my experience this year, hopefully soon.


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    The site is very close! Spindle Talk articles can be easily found vis a drop-down tab at the top or at the side navigation.

    I signed up for a Twitter account. I don’t know what to do with it…but seemed like a good step.

    I am still working on some articles I hope to finalized before I announce the site.

    Banner and logo…I’ve drawn a creative blank, but hope genius will strike me (or someone else willing to share) mighty soon.

    Things are coming together beautifully!

    original post:

    Thanks to the help of Anthony Garcia and Ariel Soulag, A Spindler’s Musings is finally taking form and looking cooler than I imagined!

    I am very excited!

    For those if you you have been privy to the stages of conception to web, I continue to appreciate your support and feedback.

    You will find easy access to “spindle talk” pages — with a most recent interview with Joshua Lynch of TexasJeans.

    Three additional pages appear in the upper navigation — “spindles,” “spinning” (which I like to think of as the “informational pages” — but too long a title) and “contact me.”

    I set up an e-address specifically for this website. Although you can make comments on the very first page, commentary has been turned off for all other pages — I want to keep these as valid sources of information that can be used and expanded upon in the future. Personally, I feel too many comments can clutter pages — esp. those designed to be informational rather than opinion.

    Recognizing that visitors may want to leave a comment, you can have a comment approved on the “hello friends” page or blog.

    Although I’ve yet to fully decide how large of a roll the blog will play — just announcements or brief snippets into projects I’m working on or new tools I test or what spindles I’m using or…whatever.

    If you’d like to hear about some of my personal projects, please contact me with feedback — I’ve never used a blog before and want this website to be most successful.

    Please note that other than announcements, my blog entries should not be taken as an endorsement, recommendation or discouragement of any spindles, fibers, stores and so on. “Official” review and discussions will remain under “spindle talk.”

    So, I know I still have some work to do — been a bit under the weather and unable to figure out how to make the site look/feel as I envisioned. I think it is coming along nicely, thanks to the two gentlemen helping in more ways I could list here.

    We are getting close!
    Please e-mail me direct for comments or suggestions.

    Happy spinning!

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