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Phil Powell, proprietor of Custom Wood Designs (c. 2009), wood-turner, spindle-maker extraordinaire relocated to a new cyber-space home!

Custom Wood Designs, known for a myriad of quality fiber arts tools, decided it time to carve their own niche on the Internet — a web-shop reflective of the high standards evident in his work and afforded each customer.

Considering his fans at every step, Phil’s research led him to IndieMade — a platform designed to provide artists the means to develop his/her own, self-run, website with domain (customwooddesigns.indiemade.com); methods to promote products and communicate with new and loyal customers; and a convenient, safe way for buyers to purchase items.

In the process of moving boxes, unpacking supplies, carefully organizing one-of-a-kind heirloom quality tools, as well as adding photographs and copy describing the size, weight, and wood-species, of each piece of “functional art” … The doors at Phil & Co. ARE OPEN!

The shelves at Custom Wood Designs contain a range of fair-priced fiber arts tools, including:

  • Russian Spindles* (slim shaft, comfortable flicking points, ideal for spinning any type of yarn — including fine lace!); lengths range from 10”-12”** varied tips include:
    • Metal “faster than a speeding bullet” (my words)

(Lignum Vitae, Metal point, a “rocket!”)

    • Gem bullet-shaped
    • Gem Rivoli’s 
    • Limited Runs:
      • The Queen (4 gems, metal tip) 
      • Gum Drops (Ebony shaft, metal tip)
      • The King’s Spire (unique, long & thin metal tip)
  • Drop Spindles (on average, 2” whorls; 10”-11” shafts, including hooks)
  • Ahka’s
  • “hockey puck” bowls (gradually slopes downward, so slight its barely visible … gem tips spin long and fast!!!)
  • Nostepinnes
  • Niddy-Noddy (1’ or 2’) 
  • mini-Noddy (1/2 size)
  • Orfs
  • Darning Eggs

(from my collection: Exotic B&W Ebony darning egg, shaped like a bone — the wood is absolutely gorgeous and, since I’m unable to grasp a traditional Egg, this shape makes it possible for me to easily hold)


YOU can view and purchase items as they become available on site and, as always, patrons are welcome contact Phil — simply click “contact” at the lower left corner of any shop-page and, you will soon discover, Custom Wood Designs provides “THE BEST customer service, period.”

* Should Phil describe a spindle as a “rocket” — for sure, it will be amongst the fastest spindles you own!

** If you require a shorter shaft, Phil is always willing to accommodate. This writer greatly appreciates the dedication to creating tools that I am able to use with ease. Fewer and fewer wood-turners are open to custom items; for individuals physically unable to use larger tools, try Custom Wood Designs.

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